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Sanskrit Sites

I collected details of a few Sanskrit teaching sites which you will find useful. If you are a member of a samskritabharati yahoo group you will be receiving alerts of new sites as and when they are started by someone.

There are lots of camps and workshops for students of all ages organized by SamskritaBharati around the globe. If you are in US, please see http://www.samskritabharatiusa.org/index.php for a list to pick and choose from.

One scholar Sripada Abhayankar is doing extraordinary work in teaching Sanskrit. His sites are:

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???????????? http://study1geetaa2sanskrit.wordpress.com/
????????????? http://upanishat.wordpress.com/

???????-???????? http://sanskritaprasruti.wordpress.com/
???? ????????? http://simplesanskrit.wordpress.com/
???????-?????????? ???????? http://grammarofsanskrit.wordpress.com/

?????????????????? ???????? <sanskrit2601@gmail.com>
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A few other Sanskrit/Hinduism related websites

a library of Sanskrit texts
online Sanskrit dictionary
online Sanskrit documents
Sanskrit on the radio
chitrapurmath.net “Learn Samskritam Step by step”
TranslationDirectory.com ” Portal for freelancers: work from home, jobs for linguists, database of translation agencies, translation resources, localization, editing, typesetting, DTP and other freelance opportunities. Portal offers the world’s largest database of translation agencies – over 3680 addresses now.”

?????? ????????? ??? http://study1geetaa2sanskrit.wordpress.com/ ???????? ??????? – Learning together Sanskrit and GeetA (Chapter 2 : Verses 45, 46) – Post # 53

“Online Sanskrit classes by ISKCON
The classes will be for half an hour once a week – through Skype / Teleconference. High speed Internet connection is required for Skype calls (if you wish to join through Skype).  Course material will be provided in soft copy through email. Parents must oversee that child finishes homework.

To enroll, click here.

For further details please visit, http://vediclifestylepro.com/gatherings/learn-sanskrit-for-children.html

Thank you very much.

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