Tattvabodha – 50 (Satsang) by Dr Jayakumar S Ammangudi

#Vedanta​ #AdiShankara​ #Advaita​ #Hinduism​ #Oneness​ #Nonduality​ #Spirituality​
Tattvabodha is a small text written by Shankaracharya. This text introduces the seeker to the technical terms used in Vedanta and gives a total vision of Vedanta. Tattavabodha means Self-Knowledge. This knowledge can be obtained by constant practice of Vedantic Sadhana of Sravana, Manana and Nidhidhyaasana. In this work of Shankara, he explains some of the basic terms that are used in the Upanishads and thus helping to understand the import clearly.
In this series Dr. Jayakumar S. Ammangudi takes us through Tattvabodha.

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