Role of Faith by L Ramaswamy

Practical Spirituality – 03: Role of Faith by L Ramaswamy
Faith is the basis of all our experiences and relationships. A mind constantly in doubt remains ever agitated. What exactly is faith? Is faith blind by definition? What is the role of intellect vis-à-vis faith?
Pursuit of unknown begins with faith and culminates in knowledge. In Sanatana Dharma, unknown God is not an object of speculation, but a subjective realization. Hence we are encouraged to be seekers of Truth rather than merely be blind believers of God. A deeper faith in the Reality based on scriptures coupled with a determination to know It through personal experience is termed Shraddha.

Recording of online session done on 17-April-2020

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00:00:00 Start
00:01:53 Definition of Faith
00:13:59 Blind Faith
00:25:29 Faith in Life
00:29:52 Role of Intellect
00:32:16 Faith is 100%
00:42:22 Faith v/s Doubt
00:45:19 Spiritual Path & Shraddha
00:52:47 Deal with Obstacles
00:58:16 Q & A

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