Practical Spirituality – 04: 3C Intellect by L Ramaswamy

Intelligence is being well-informed in one or more subjects. It is what we acquire from books, universities and other external sources. Even animals possess specific intelligence. Intelligence may help us to improve the standard of living. But standard of life is improved by intellect. Intellect is developed by oneself through the process of original thinking. This capacity is prerogative of human beings. Intellect ensures both peace and prosperity in our lives. And also guide us towards the ultimate goal.
3C Intellect refers to the three functional aspects of a well-developed intellect viz. choice, control, and creativity.

Recording of online session done on 23 October 2020

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00:00:00 Start
00:01:21 Introduction
00:02:19 Story of Two Painters
00:08:10 Three Types of Living Beings
00:14:51 Herd Instinct
00:19:35 Intellect v/s Intelligence
00:29:40 Andrea Del Sarto
00:34:18 Emotions, Thinking & Action
00:40:12 Choice
00:41:56 Control
00:44:00 Creativity
00:49:54 Story of Two Painters – Explanation
00:52: 22 3C Intellect
00:55:30 Intelligence & Intellect in the Personality
01:02:00 How to Develop Intellect

The speaker – Shri L Ramaswamy has studied at the Vedanta Academy, India, under the guidance of Swami Parthasarathy. Read profile here:…
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