Practical Spirituality – 02: Nature of Human Mind by L Ramaswamy

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Mind is an instrument at the disposal a human being. By itself it is neither good nor bad. Like a kitchen knife. The individual who uses his mind is responsible for the effects that he brings upon himself. Mind is said to be the cause of bondage as well as liberation of an individual.
The mind of even an adult behaves like a child. It needs the control, direction & guidance of the intellect. It is in our interest that we understand the nature of human mind. A few traits of human mind and the consequent effects are discussed here.
Recording of online session done on 24-April-2020

00:00:00 Start
00:01:20 Introduction
00:05:08 Two Types of Movements
00:09:04 Past and Future
00:15:16 Endless Desires
00:29:57 Likes & Dislikes
00:38:15 Attachment
00:50:19 Powerful like Wind
00:54:27 Mind Teases You
00:58:27 Q & A

The speaker – Shri L Ramaswamy has studied at the Vedanta Academy, India, under the guidance of Swami Parthasarathy. Read profile here:…
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