Practical Spirituality – 01: Work Life Harmony by L Ramaswamy

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Common complaint heard in modern corporate is the impingement of office hours in family life and vice-versa resulting in dissatisfaction at home and at workplace. The success of an individual depends on how one harmonizes the various roles one plays at office, home, society etc. This harmony hinges on self-management and study of oneself in entirety is the starting point.

The inner personality of an individual comprises of mind and intellect. Mind is the seat of emotions whereas intellect is the faculty of judgment and discrimination. Intellect’s ability to control and guide the mind is essence of self-management.

Recording of online session done on 05-Jun-2020

00:00:00 Start
00:01:48 Four Burners Theory
00:08:57 Questions to Ask Yourself
00:11:19 Purpose of Life
00:17:44 Components of Management
00:21:34 Success and Happiness
00:24:51 The meaning of Life
00:36:11 Human Composition
00:44:04 Inner Personality
00:47:18 Three Types of Living Beings
00:53:15 Mind & Intellect
00:57:14 Self-Management

The speaker – Shri L Ramaswamy has studied at the Vedanta Academy, India, under the guidance of Swami Parthasarathy. Read profile here:

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