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If the Samkhya-karika-s chart a map of the vast dimensions of consciousness, the Patanjala-yoga-sutra-s offer techniques to traverse that map.

Manjushree Hegde


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Sat 18 Dec 2021

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Yoga: India’s Philosophy of Meditation by Manjushree Hegde

Yoga, G.Larson commented, is “India’s intellectual chameleon”. From the earliest times, it was appropriated by a very large number of pan-Indian practices, beliefs, and traditions (Hathayoga, Nathayoga, Layayoga, Mantrayoga, Kundaliniyoga, Dhyanayoga and so on). In the modern world, the word is synonymous with the practice of asana; postural-yoga is a multimillion-dollar industry today. In the context of the commodification of yogic techniques which remains, for the most part, a program of physical fitness, it becomes important to investigate the historical and spiritual roots of yoga.

Patanjalayogasastra, classified as one of the Shad-darshanas-s, is a complex text. A primary goal of this talk by Manjushree Hegde is to clarify in what sense yoga can be considered one of the Shad-darshana-s, and how it is similar/dissimilar to other methods of experimental/experiential practice.


Manjushree Hegde