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Srimad Dashbodh is a delightful Advaitic work that synthesizes both Bhakti & Jnana, narrated by Samartha Ramdas

Sri M Srinivasan

Sun 26 Sep 2021

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Sri P V Shivarama Deekshithar Centenary Memorial Talk- Srimad Dasbodha

‘Grantharaj Dasbodh’, a quintessential advaita grantha of ‘Sri Samartha Ramadas’. It is an outpouring of the ‘bodha’ that ‘Samartha’ obtained and the ‘bodha’ that he tirelessly imparted. It is a timeless composition which continues to guide any and every genuine spiritual aspirant, irrespective of the land or time he belongs to.

The speaker will give an overview of this monumental grantham with a view to give the listeners an opportunity to savour its flavour and spiritually benefit from it.


Sri. M Srinivasan


With the blessings of his guru, Paranur Mahatma Sri Sri Krishnapremi Swamigal, Sri Srinivasan has been deeply engaged in satsangam, in its varied forms, for over 3 decades now. He is very passionate and involved in various sampradayas of ‘Namasankirtanam’ and spiritual discourses. Born and brought up in Maharashtra, his exposure to ‘Marathi’ led his foray into the various compositions of the saints of Maharashthra and he holds a rarity of being involved deeply in both ‘Varkari’ sampradaya and ‘Samartha’ sampradaya alike. Sri Srinivasan holds a management degree in ‘Marketing’ and is currently working for a reputed Japanese multinational ‘Lixil’, who are in the business of building materials with reputed brands like ‘American Standard’ and ‘Grohe’. He holds a very responsible pan-India position in the organization as the ‘Leader for their Key Accounts’ in their projects vertical. He is a management graduate in Marketing.