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Vedanta promises that Moksha, liberation from all forms of limitations that bind a human being, is possible here and now.

Sri Jaishankar Narayanan


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Sun 09 Jan 2022

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM (UTC+5.5)

Event Type: Weekly

Introduction to Vedanta – Understanding the Fundamental Problem by Sri Jaishankar Narayanan

We spend all our lives in the pursuit of varied pleasures, wealth and fame, expecting these will give us total fulfillment. Yet, each moment of joy is only that – momentary, showing up the rest of our lives to be unsatisfactory, somehow lacking and incomplete. On the other hand, Vedanta, the body of knowledge found at the end of the Veda, asserts that one’s true nature is completeness and limitlessness. Vedanta also promises that Moksha, liberation from all forms of limitations that bind a human being, is possible here and now.

Sri Jaishankar Narayanan will be conducting a weekly class providing a comprehensive introduction to Vedanta.

The class will cover the following topics:

  • Human Pursuits – The four categories of Human Endeavour
  • Artha – The endless search for Security
  • Kama – The mercurial nature of Pleasure
  • Dharma – Cosmic Order including moral order
  • Moksha – Freedom from limitations
  • The Fundamental Problem –  The Locus of error
  • The Self Judgement of Inadequacy leading to Self-Nonacceptance
  • Attempt for completeness / adequacy through change
  • Search for Freedom from Inadequacy
  • Analysis of the Search for Adequacy
  • Accomplishing the Accomplished
  • The Informed Seeker
  • Ignorance and Knowledge
  • The Means of Knowledge
  • Valid Knowledge and Erroneous Knowledge
  • Words as a Means of Knowledge
  • Indirect and Direct Knowledge
  • The Words of the Guru give direct knowledge of the Self
  • The Teacher / Guru
  • The gain of adequacy requires knowledge and not action
  • Seeker is the Sought
  • Teaching through words in a context
  • Teacher should have both knowledge and methodology to teach
  • The flow of knowledge from Teacher to Student
  • The traditional teaching of Self-Knowledge is called Vedanta
  • The Text – Veda and Vedanta
  • Saadhana and Saadhya
  • Karmakaanda and Jnaanakaanda
  • The words of the Veda give direct knowledge of oneself
  • The Proof of Vedanta
  • The Qualifications of a Student of Vedanta

To register for the class, please send a  WhatsApp message to at +919710946652 with a following message:

“Namaste. My name is …….. I would like to attend Introduction to Vedanta class”


Sri Jaishankar Narayanan


Jaishankar Narayanan is a sishya of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati ji and has undergone a three-year residential Vedanta course with Pujya Swamiji at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (AVG), Anaikatti, Coimbatore, India from 1995-1998. An alumnus of IIT-BHU Varanasi, Jaishankar graduated as an Engineer and was working in India and later USA as a Software Engineer. He met his Guru Pujya Swami Dayananda ji first at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Saylorsburg, PA at USA and then decided to study Vedanta with Pujya Swamiji. Jaishankar Narayanan settled in Chennai after the course and has been teaching Vedanta and Samskritam to interested people in Chennai.,