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Sat 14 Aug 2021

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (UTC+5.5)

Glimpses into Jivanmuktiviveka by Sri Srinivasan Iyengar [Morning Session]

Jivanmuktiviveka is an excellent text written by Swami Vidyaranya. A prakarana granthas – it is necessary reading for advanced students of vedanta and seekers of Jivanmukti.

The text is divided into five chapters of which we will provide an overview of chapters related to Vasana Kshaya, Manonaasha and the purpose that the accomplishment of jivanmukti serves.

The purpose of our session will be to glean from this excellent text all aspects that could be of immediate relevance for the knowledge and practice of a sincere sadhaka on the path of Jivanmukti.

We will be basing our session on the translation by Swami Mokshadananda of Advaita Ashram – so people who want to follow the book might want to order it as well


Sri Srinivasan Iyengar


Srinivasan Iyengar (Srini) is a Chartered Accountant from India and Chartered Financial Analyst from USA. In his 30 year career spanning India, the Middle East and Singapore he worked with international banks ultimately reaching board minus two level in the risk function. He has been involved with the spiritual path for over 30 years and his repertoire of speaking covers Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawatam, Vivekachoodamani, Panchadashi etc